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For the CI Consultant

Better resources save time

Whether you are working as a competitive intelligence professional at an established consulting practice or as a freelance consultant, delivering a high quality work product requires managing time and resources wisely. The better your resources, the less time it takes to complete a project. Less project time means providing deliverables more quickly to your client. It also means more time for you to spend on other opportunities.

The cost of your time

Without the proper tools, the CI consultant spends more time than necessary sifting through overwhelming amounts of promotional marketing collateral. Even after time spent organizing and analyzing the data, there is no guarantee that the findings reflect an accurate picture of what the competition is saying.

For some consultants, working on a complex project reduces the time available to recruit a new client. For others, precious time with family is sacrificed to make a deadline.

Decrease the cost, increase the opportunities

PharmaVoxx helps you to minimize the opportunity costs associated with performing your job. You become more efficient at completing projects, creating more time and energy for you to pursue other opportunities. PharmaVoxx enables you to:

  • Add value to client projects by using promotional CI to bolster overall CI findings and analysis
  • Spend less time on busy work and more time focusing on other critical tasks that require specialized skills
  • Track global promotional activity in the US, Canada, and EU5 in a systematic manner
  • Reduce analysis time with CI Dashboards and promotional trend reports

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