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Our Solution

PharmaVoxx is an online database of marketing collateral that enables complex analysis of competitor messaging tactics and promotional strategies. The types of promotional items contained in the PharmaVoxx database include detail aids, product brochures, online and email marketing, DTC communications, print campaigns, and other traditional and new media.

PharmaVoxx streamlines the collection, monitoring, and delivery of highly targeted information, saving users the time and resources necessary for advancing critical market intelligence initiatives. More than just a decision support tool, PharmaVoxx helps pharmaceutical companies make better-informed decisions that impact overall strategic marketing planning.

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Search & Filter Review Analyze & Organize
Highly targeted search and filter options with PharmaVoxx online library Review product messaging with PharmaVoxx online ad database PharmaVoxx helps pharma companies analyze desired promo material

Search & Filter

Find relevant and specific promotional materials effortlessly and quickly with PharmaVoxx advanced search and filter features.

  • Search 12+ fields including item type, drug, sponsor, source, target audience, receive date, and more.
  • Use full-text to search for specific words and/or phrases
  • Filter search results to drill down further for desired documents


Immediately identify key subject matter presented in each piece of promotional material with categories called VoxxTopics™. Use VoxxTopics™ to quickly assess the relevance of a document with your project needs without having to read through the entire document.

  • Get instant snapshots of marketing material content
  • Eliminate having to read through unwanted marketing materials


Save time by viewing documents of interest quickly and efficiently. Download only relevant items, preventing the need to sift through volumes of items.

Thumbnail View™ and VoxxView

Choose from two different views when searching the PharmaVoxx database. Use the Thumbnail View™ when browsing for basic information, such as latest receive date(s), country, drug(s), and disease area(s). Switch to the VoxxView for more detailed information to help you determine whether the document is relevant to you before downloading. Be able to quickly identify item source(s), sponsor(s), and more.


View a one-page summary that delivers key messages, content and descriptive data in an easy-to-read, ready-to-present format. The VoxxBrief™ is available for each promotional item in the PharmaVoxx database and facilitates your in-depth competitive product analysis.

  • Reduce the time you spend reviewing competitor materials
  • Identify key messages of detail aids and brochures in seconds
  • Preview document content quickly and easily
  • Incorporate directly into existing deliverables or distribute as-is

Analyze & Organize

Automatically monitor, analyze and organize chosen items of interest without creating additional work for yourself or others on your team.


Customize all the features available within the PharmaVoxx database that help you stay organized in one central place called MyPharmaVoxx. Track and manage your PharmaVoxx searches, alerts, comparisons, bookmarks, account information, account history and more from a single, secure location.

Comparison Reports

Make side-by-side comparisons of documents of interest at the click of a button.

Compare items by:

  • type(s)
  • receive date(s)
  • drug(s)
  • disease area(s)
  • key subject matter(s)
  • intended audience(s)
  • source(s)
  • sponsor(s)


Collect and organize documents from one or multiple searches, indefinitely. Flag documents of interest in folders for easy access. Review and manage bookmarked documents as you go.

Saved Searches

Save the search criteria you run most often. Repeat searches without re-entering criteria. Re-run and manage your saved searches to quickly find new documents that interest you.


Automatically receive notifications via e-mail when new documents of interest are available. Define search criteria narrowly or broadly to deliver desired documents on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Eliminate the need for manual monitoring and searching of the PharmaVoxx database. Click through to items of interest in the database from VoxxAlerts™ to save time.

View a list of therapeutic areas that include disease areas