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Advanced Analysis

PharmaVoxx prepares market intelligence reports designed to convey the most relevant pieces of pharmaceutical marketing information in an easy-to-digest format. CI Dashboards, Promotional Activity & Trends Analysis and Messaging Strategy Reviews communicate competitive product analysis and pharmaceutical marketing trends across multiple functional areas.

Designed to save you time and resources, our ready-to-present reports distill what the competition has said, what they are saying, and how they are saying it. Teams in marketing, product management, and market research gain compelling insights into promotional marketing strategies without adding more tasks to their existing work load.

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Promotional Activity & Trends Analysis

CI Dashboards

Promotional activity and trends analysis saves CI teams time and resources Competitive intelligence Dashboards summarize new promo material in major disease areas

Messaging Strategy Reviews

Custom Reports & Analysis

insight into competitor brand positioning, messaging claims maximize product lifecycle, competitor segmentation, pre-launch marketing

Promotional Activity & Trends Analysis

These at-a-glance reports analyze promotional share of voice (SOV), distribution channel usage, key subject matter, intended audience, and more. Presented in an easy-to-read format, our quantitative analysis of promotional activity allows users to easily identify differentiation opportunities in messaging and delivery.

Promotional Share of Voice (SOV)

SOV is the total volume of advertising you own in a market. SOV analysis measures the penetration of your messages versus that of your key competitors. Insight from SOV analysis enables you to modify your communication strategy in order to achieve/sustain competitive advantage in the future.

Product Messaging Focus

Product messaging focus conveys the messaging focus of a promotional item. Promotional items are cataloged by key subject matter such as efficacy, safety, mechanism of action (MOA), patient access, and administration. Product messaging focus analysis helps you to identify differentiation opportunities in messaging. A new market entrant might stand out by focusing on patient access if the competition is focusing on efficacy and safety.

Distribution Channel Usage

Distribution Channel Usage consists of the different distribution channels used to promote a drug. Distribution Channel Usage compares competitors´ distribution channel strategies. This analysis helps you stay ahead of emerging technology and media trends so that your voice gets heard.

Target Audience Focus

Identifying who your competition is directing promotional material to helps you improve your own audience strategy. Consider the competition’s sudden increased distribution of sales aids to Primary Care Physicians (PCPs). You subsequently discover that PCPs prescribe your drug as a prescreening tool for patients before referring them to a specialist. This causes your company to also distribute more detail aids to PCPs.

Monthly/Quarterly Dashboards

Competitive Intelligence (CI) Dashboards are at-a-glance reports delivered on a monthly/quarterly basis that summarize new promotional material per disease area. CI Dashboards quantify promotional share of voice (SOV) and messaging focus in a concise format that is easy to distribute.

Compiled from PharmaVoxx’s proprietary database of pharmaceutical communications, CI Dashboards deliver quantitative data on promotional activity and qualitative analysis on key findings. Major drugs are analyzed for key messages in areas such as marketing, clinical development, and patient access. Colorful, easy-to-understand graphs display new items in circulation by drug and highlight the distribution channels used to promote them.

Dashboard users can easily identify the latest and most significant promotional tactics of key players. Summarized key findings can be further customized or conveniently distributed as-is. Recipients benefit from spending less time reviewing and summarizing competitor activity.

Messaging Strategy Reviews

Messaging Strategy Reviews (MSR) are comprehensive reviews of the messaging strategy of a marketed drug(s). Companies benefit from a deeper understanding of their competitorís messaging strategy in order to build/refine their own. Designed to provide insight into competitor brand positioning and messaging claims over a period of time, reports include:

  • Product positioning including supporting messages of each target product
  • Supporting sales aids containing key claims
  • Message usage history, identifying when a key message debuts, its frequency and length of engagement

Custom Reports & Analysis

Whether your goal is to maximize product life cycle or develop a pre-launch messaging campaign, you have a very specific set of questions that need to be answered. PharmaVoxx works closely with you to define the scope, timeline, and reporting format designed to solve your specific CI needs. Examples of the types of custom reports and analysis commonly commissioned include (but are not limited to):

CI Dashboards provide quantitative data on key messaging in marketing, clinical development
  • Case studies
  • Pre-approval reviews
  • Deep dives

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