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Our Method

A unique and innovative methodology is what powers PharmaVoxx’s proprietary database. It is a systematic, comprehensive, and ongoing process for collecting, cataloging, and analyzing pharmaceutical marketing and promotional materials from hundreds of global sources. In an industry perpetually transformed by new media technology, our proven methodology enables PharmaVoxx to continually meet the dynamic needs of our customers.

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Collect Catalog Analyze
PharmaVoxx collects detail aids, direct mail, online ads, social media, digital media DTC ads and prescription drug advertisements PharmaVoxx collects can be searched by multiple fields PharmaVoxx provides market analysis of key competitors on product messaging and distribution channel usage


In order to provide our customers with a comprehensive picture of the competitive landscape, PharmaVoxx collects promotional material from both traditional and new media.

Pharma communications are collected from a global network of 1,000+ diverse and trusted sources in more than 15 disease areas.

Our growing network includes generalist and specialist offices, major medical conferences, hospitals and pharmacies, medical industry publications, patient programs, manufacturer programs, and the Internet. Materials are collected daily from sources within the United States, Canada, and Europe.

PharmaVoxx Global Network

Healthcare provider (HCP) network 400+ participating healthcare providers treating specified diseases
Online Promotions 200+ top health related sites regularly crawled for banner advertising and sponsored web content including online video, e-detailing, and other video presentations
Manufacturer programs 450+ educational and promotional programs that target both healthcare professionals and consumers
Conferences 250+ major scientific meetings across all disease areas that distribute exhibit booth material and promotional give-away items
Medical Journals 400+ general and therapeutic-area specific, U.S. medical journals for pharma advertising
Consumer Publications 200+ consumer publications for pharmaceutical advertising
Television Drug and disease-related television advertisements
Mobile-based Media Mobile applications, podcasts, and multi-media communications


Each of the prescription drug ads that PharmaVoxx collects is carefully broken down into multiple searchable fields that yield highly relevant search results.

PharmaVoxx users save valuable time and resources with advanced search features that eliminate the need to manually sift through a data dump of unwanted search results. Search features include:

  • 12+ searchable fields including drug, sponsor, key subject matter, target audience, disease, copyright date, promotional channel, manufacturer code, receive date, item type, country, and source
  • A unique, full-text search option that allows users to drill down even further to obtain finer-grained search results


Imagine having all the critical information you need about competitor promotional activity in one consolidated view. CI Dashboards and promotional trend reports contain precisely this type of strategic decision support.

Our advanced qualitative and quantitative analysis reduces the amount of time you need to spend analyzing competitor promo items for key messages, trends in marketing, media mix, and distribution channel usage. Instant insight into competitor promotional activity, message differentiation opportunities and promotional trends allow you to spend time on other critical tasks necessary to achieve your strategic marketing agenda.