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Company Background

Q: Who created PharmaVoxx?

A: PharmaVoxx was founded in 2007 by a group of marketing and competitive intelligence (CI) professionals who have served the pharmaceutical industry for a combined 20 years. As pharma CI consultants to the pharmaceutical industry, we’ve monitored pharmaceutical communications in order to understand competitor positioning and predict competitor and market trends. PharmaVoxx was literally designed for the users, by the users.

Q: Why was PharmaVoxx created?

A: In 2007, the increasing volume of pharmaceutical communications created a massive need for a comprehensive source of materials. The growing volume of promotional activity, a major source of pain and frustration to our Pharma CI clients, created data overload. Our founders decided to create an integrated solution that would systematically track and analyze all types of promotional material from a wide variety of sources and channels and transform that data into actionable intelligence.

Q: How is PharmaVoxx different from the competition?

A: When our early market research revealed that the majority of companies were not satisfied with the existing product on the market, we decided to create a full-service solution that was more than just a database. The ability to search for highly targeted documents that can be delivered in a useful format, provide customers with access to advanced disease/market reports and analysis, and monitor traditional and new media are just a few ways we have risen above the competition. We look forward to transforming the industry with our leading innovations.

Q: How can visitors get a preview of PharmaVoxx?

A: PharmaVoxx is accessible online, anytime and anywhere. There is no proprietary interface, and no special software needed. You can search, download and view our full-text, PDF documents from wherever you have internet access. Contact our sales team to request a demo or a free 15-day trial to browse the PharmaVoxx database for marketing and promotional materials of interest.